In 1910, Alta Goldberg opened a small florist shop on Montreal’s St. Laurent Blvd. The store took its name from the street, commonly referred to as “The Main.” Though a lot has changed from Main Florist’s humble beginnings, some things still remain the same. Personalized service, creativity, innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality were the cornerstones laid by Alta. Four generations later, great-grandson Louis Goldberg still adheres to these cornerstones of success…albeit with a modern twist that employs the latest technology.

As North America’s oldest florist still run by the same founding family, Louis Goldberg is keenly aware of his family’s long, proud tradition. “I feel an extra responsibility to our customers and our family. It’s not just about success. It’s about remaining loyal to the traditions that our customers expect in times that are rapidly changing.”

Whether it’s a simple bouquet of flowers or creating a distinct arrangement for a special occasion, Main Florist is committed to every aspect of customer satisfaction. Each flower, greenery or plant in our shop is personally selected by Louis to meet Main Florist’s exacting standards. Our gourmet baskets are truly customized, with products not found in local stores. The little things we do, that little extra we go, are what bring our customers back time and time again.

Although fully modernized with the latest online technology, today much of our business is still old fashion personal phone orders. Even customers who have moved away from Montreal still call us to place orders in their new city of residence. Main Florist’s customer base extends across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We are not a wire service affiliate. We don’t just pass on orders to the local affiliate of an association, we are directly involved through our personal network with florists we know can be relied on to deliver the quality and service our customers expect.

Even after over a century in business, we continue to grow with fresh ideas and new ways of serving our customers. With a new generation blossoming at Main Florist lead by Louis, customers can be assured that the tradition will continue.

At Main Florist some things will never change, even if the way of doing them does.